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The year 2010 was a busy one for Matthew Barnes and Kayla Jackson.  Both less than a year out of college, enjoying the responsibility of their first home, and on the cusp of their wedding in less than a month, Bluegrass Computer Systems opened the doors for its first day of business.   In what seemed like an instance, the workload called for an extra set of hands and less than two years after opening day, the now Kayla Jackson Barnes, joined the Bluegrass Computer Systems team.

Since then, Matthew and Kayla have been working side-by-side building BGCS to what it has become today.  Like its owners, BGCS has gone through many stages of growth and change.  What started out as a one-man shop is now a multi-state technology partner to hundreds of customers spanning through dozens of different industries.  Not only has BGCS given Matthew and Kayla the opportunity to develop themselves as I.T. professionals, but working with other technology fueled individuals has helped jump-start their careers, as well!

As business owners, both maintain the multiple roles required to own and operate a growing company.   Being joint owners, technicians, accountants, managers, and holding countless other responsibilities allows BGCS to grow and flourish at the hands of the two people who respect it the most.   While some business owners of the world prefer to work in the background, under the paperwork and behind the phones, you can feel confident you will always see and know Matthew and Kayla Barnes.

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